Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Submit One Project At A Time

I was thinking of doing this as a Blog Flog but figured I'd take it the lighter way.

Many of you out there have numerous projects you want an agent to look at. That's great! But, when it comes time to submit projects to agents, submit only one project at a time. You can (and should) certainly tell us of all the other projects you have, but only do one at a time.


So that you can learn and adapt.

If you submit a story to someone that doesn't quite work, you can take the critique you received and make the appropriate adjustments on later projects. If you throw everything at us at one time, you have no chance to make those changes.

Just a suggestion for a Tuesday.



  1. How weird! I was composing a question about this yesterday on your post and the site wouldn't let me leave the comment. I just planned on trying again today but you answered it... telekinetically?(Sp).

    So, maybe in a query say something like, I have multiple projects in the works/in my head, I'd love for you to look at?

    Let an agent know we are career-minded w/o dumping all of the fodder for that career on their doorstep? Thanks!

  2. So the question is, how do decide which project to send? I guess that would be a cross-over posting right - Know who you're submitting to, and what they want/like.
    I tend to have a moment of panic when I submit, no matter which project I deem 'worthy'.
    Thanks for the info Mr. Eagan.
    Am still getting up the nerve to submit to you.

  3. In terms of what to submit. Listen to what the agents are looking for and try to find the best piece. It might not be your favorite but it needs to be the strongest.