Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Writing Queries - Never Assume

More often than not, I receive queries that leave me really with more questions than answers. No, this is not an issue of questions because I want to see more. These are clearly questions of confusion. When I do get queries like this, I often have to have the writer send me more information, not because the story is amazing, but I simply can't even reject the story due to a vague query.

If you are submitting to an agent or editor, it is vital that you are VERY clear and never assume that we will figure it out. Not that we aren't intelligent people, but you have to remember that this is the first time we have whatever seen this story idea. In your head, because you have been living with these characters and this story for a long time, you see everything. You can't be certain of that with us. Add in the fact that we are potentially tired or over-worked and you need to be more focused.

As you look at your query, insure that there is no chance that we will misinterpret anything. We shouldn't have to guess what your genre is. We shouldn't have to guess what your chararacters are (if it is a paranormal). We shouldn't have to guess the time period. This is not the time to leave things to the imagination.

Now, go get that query focused.


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  1. When my children were younger I used to tell them I should be able to read their answer and know what the question was. I see what you mean by questionable queries. Thanks for the heads up!