Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another thought on genre blending

Supposedly there is a rumor floating around there on the loops that the "new trend" is blending genres to get something new. unfortunately, this is far from a new concept. We have seen elements of this for a long time in a lot of different styles of literature. There is a bigger issue though that we need to consider here.

Authors that are genre blending are not necessarily doing what we ask for as agents when we say that we want something new and unique and not just a copy of what we already have out there. Mixing two genres and simply copying that format is not coming up with something unique.

Think about making Kool-Aid. I can make a batch of grape and a batch of orange and blend them. Is it something new? No, it is still Kool-Aid. The same goes for writing styles.

When we ask to see something new, we really want a new style and a new voice. We want you as a writer to throw us a curve ball and make us say, "WOW!"

Now don't get me wrong here. Mixing genres if fine, but if you are doing this simply to come up with something new, it isn't going to work.

Just something to consider for a Thursday.


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  1. Hi Scott-- this is so good. I think as writers, we're so bent on finding something new or exciting or different that we forget to use our personal voice and style and not even WORRY about the new/exciting bent. Glad I found your blog!