Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Additional Thoughts on a Friday

I honesly don't know what came over me, but I felt the need to be a bit inspirational here. Maybe it is the holiday spirit fast approaching, maybe it was the 4 cups of tea I had, who knows...

On Rejections... Read them, learn from them and move on. This is unfortunately a necessary evil in the business. It does not mean you are a bad writer. It simply means this one didn't work with that particular person.

On Writer's Block... It happens to everyone. Don't panic. The lights will come on sooner or later. Take this moment to enjoy something other than writing and see what happens. Honestly, for me, it is amazing how many great ideas I get when I do the laundry or clean the kitchen.

On That Piece of Garbage You Are Calling Your W.I.P... Again, we all have them. But here is the good thing to remember. Somewhere inside of you is that amazing story begging to come out. Give it a chance. It is trying to escape and maybe this W.I.P. is just the garbage that's covering that masterpiece.

On Jealousy of Those Who "Got The Call"... Turn that one around. Celebrate with them and feed off of that enthusiasm. It might simply mean that it wasn't your time yet.

On Having Fun... Remember that this is an art form. You have to have fun. If you have lost that glimmer of enjoyment, you're missing out on the greatest thing about this business. Find it again.


P.S. Next week I will likely take a break from the Blog (unless something screams at me to post which most likely it will). If I don't talk to you before the Thanksgiving break, make sure to keep that writing going. While everyone else is laying around, beached on the sofa after the Turkey, use that time to find that amazing story inside of you.


  1. "...beached on the sofa..."

    It is to laugh. The closest I come to a beach after Thanksgiving dinner is dirty dish water! But that can't stop me from brainstorming, as you pointed out. :D

    Thanks for the little pep talk and hope you have a great holiday!!

  2. Do you need more help getting in the holiday spirit? Listen to Coolio (yes Coolio!) on NPR talk about Mama Stamberg's cranberry relish.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    twitter: bkshelfdetectiv

  3. Above all, remembering everything happens for a reason!

  4. I recently discovered your blog and I really love it. You have a lot of interesting things to say: substantial and not fluff. Thanks.

  5. Terrific blog. Just what I needed to hear today! Happy Holidays!

  6. After Thanksgiving dinner we went out to the Christmas Zoo Lights with six children. No beaching on a sofa.

    I appreciate when I get a rejection with feedback on what the story is missing. It is part of the necessary evil to get published.

    Have a Merry Christmas!