Friday, December 3, 2010

NaNoWriMo is the beginning of a VERY LONG process

I guess I have to say congratulations to those of you that participated in NaNoWriMo. Of course, from a prior blog of mine, you know my opinion on this.

At this point, you have a VERY, VERY long process ahead of you. The odds are this story that you created is going to require a serious over-haul. I am betting that you will have characters with changing points of view and personalities, plot holes bigger than the sink holes in Florida, and narratives that sound more like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

The simple truth is your completed document (I'm not sure if I can call it a manuscript yet) is far from ready to see the public. This is in no way a product that is suitable to go to any editor or agent.

Honestly, I think you can really view this last month as a chance to learn several things. First, that if you need to meet a word count deadline, you can. And secondly, you can now learn how to create a true "free-write" activity.

I know other agents have said this in the last two days, but I am going to say it to. Please, don't go sending this story to me. My bet is you have at least a good year before you can even think about doing anything with this. Personally though, in that year, you could probably start from scratch on a project, plan it out properly, use the writing process effectively and end up with at least 2 quality projects.

It's entirely up to you on this one.



  1. I agree. When I'm in first draft mode, the writing sometimes pours out and I can do several thousand words in a day. But sometimes I need to drop back and think, plot, delve deeper into character.

    Besides, I'd MUCH rather spend my Thanksgiving with family than hiding out in my office.

  2. Agreed about the work ahead. I sold my 2009 NaNo story in September 2010- Many edits later- I DID write 2 others in the meantime. One has sold and one has not. YET! LOL!

    Will be editing the h**l out of the one I did this year, too.

  3. "Please, don't go sending this story to me."

    lol, Scott! Why didn't you tell us you were a budding country music composer??