Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You Have To Write EVERY Day

I figured this post our yesterday when I tried to write the blog post. I have to tell you, yesterday's post was painful to write. No, it wasn't due to the excessive amount of Christmas cookies, it was simply because I hadn't been writing in several days. My mind was not on the writing.

As a writer, it is crucial that you take time daily to work on your craft. It doesn't always have to mean writing, but it has to keep your brain functioning.

Think about your days in school. September through October is nothing but review for all of the classes. Why? Because the kids were really out of practice. Being out of school for that entire summer killed them. The ritual of waking, going to school, thinking and reviewing at the end of the day was gone. The same goes for your writing.

So, this year, for 2011, create a plan. Make your writing a ritual. You may find a lot of success.



  1. That's exactly what I've committed myself to for 2011.
    I started a blog a year and a half ago, only to get busy with other things and neglected it.
    I'm going to make time to work on it every day...if only for twenty minutes.


  2. You're absolutely right. Years ago I started working full time and didn't write. When I quit work and tried to get back to my writing, it was like starting from scratch. I'd also been left behind when it came to the markets. Things had changed.

    I never believed writing was something a person could forget how to do until I experienced it.