Thursday, January 13, 2011

Win a Critique and Help a Swim Team

As you know, ,my kids are active with USA Swimming. Each year, like many other swim teams, they hold a swim-a-thon. This is a great way to raise money for the team.

This year, I will donate a critique of 30 pages and a synopsis to one person who donates to the swim team. The name will be randomly drawn!

I know my kids would very much appreciate any of your financial help.

To help follow the link below:

Once on the page, follow the link to an individual member. Instead of creating three sites for each of the kids, we have linked them all under my son's name. Enter Rowan Poppen-Eagan

It's that simple and we could really use your help. It takes a lot to keep a swim team going and this is a great sport that builds not only strong bodies but strong individuals.

Thank you all in advance!

Scott Eagan


  1. As I swam for SSC, Wave, and Pro before college, donating to King goes against my loyalties :) However, this is a great idea for swimming publicity, and if I weren't a poor college student/still supportive of my teams, I would donate.

  2. Can the critique, if won, be used anytime in the upcoming year?

  3. Critiques can be used anytime this year!

  4. I only just saw your post. Will you consider extending deadline? Thanks for the opportunity.