Friday, February 11, 2011

On the road again...

I'm on the road this weekend. Will be back on Monday with a blog post.

Until then, send me some questions here that you want me to respond to.



  1. -The voices in my head begged me to remain silent. The little fools thought that I would listen.-

    You told us yesterday what you liked in a character, based on the romance genre. You're passionate about contemporary romance, but what about for paranormal writers?

    You're tired of the werewolf vs vampire/angel vs demon stuff. Every agent seems to be screaming that lately. Cool, I get that. And that's why I write about something completely different.

    My questions are simple. What makes you connect with a paranormal story? What would you find so appealing that you'd decide to represent it? What would turn you off?

    As a lover of all things supernatural, I am interested in your point of view.


  2. An agent asked me to send her a partial two years ago. Unfortunately, I was sent to Iraq and just finished it. Is it too late to send it now? If I do, what do I say in my cover letter. BTW, she also wanted a synopis, but her website doesnt say how long or whether it should be single or dbl. spaced. Thanks!

  3. I probably should have asked this two months ago. In a query, agents will usually request a few sample pages to be included in with the synopsis. A lot of stories have prologues for introductory or background purposes. The writing changes as you leap forward into the first chapter,(from passive to active) at least it does for me. When asked for those sample pages, should I send in prologue, or would that be harmful? Is it better, beneficial to send in the first chapter of the story instead? Thanks.

  4. I currently live in New Zealand, my (romance) novels are based in Europe. One of them is a medical romace, so potenially for M&B, the other revolves around a EU theme, so I guess my audience would be in Europe.
    Shall I query European (UK)-based agents? Does agent location matter?