Friday, February 18, 2011

Question from a writer - Does location matter?

This is a two for one Friday!

I currently live in New Zealand, my (romance) novels are based in Europe. One of them is a medical romace, so potenially for M&B, the other revolves around a EU theme, so I guess my audience would be in Europe.
Shall I query European (UK)-based agents? Does agent location matter?

I've actually written on this one before. No location does not matter. Yes, there are situations when certain publishers shy away from time periods and locations, but if the story is good, it won't matter.

When you are looking at agents, you need to see who they submit to. If they only focus on the European market, but you want to do more than that, then try somewhere else. As for myself, I love Mills and Boon, and, despite the fact that I am in the US, I market to them.

Look at what the agent does and work with that.


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