Monday, March 21, 2011

Passion in Writing is Good, But It Can Be Blinding

It is the passion to create that drives writers. That creative process provides an enjoyment very similar to a drug. The more you do, the more you want. I am sure that somewhere in our brains there really is a drug that is doing this to us, but that is beside the point. I bring this up because, althought that passion is certainly needed, it is also a factor that works into preventing that writing from getting an honest look in terms of the quality of the work.

Simply put, if we are too close to the work, we may find that our view of the writing is not going to be as clear or as accurate as we need it to be edit and review our work.

I spent the weekend working with the authors in Kentucky this weekend. One of the issues we spoke of was really being able to assess your writing to market to editors and agents effectively. While I didn't bring this issue up, it is something that truly works with this idea. Writers will get into their heads specific editors and agents that they want to work with. There is nothing that will sway them from doing this. The problem is that, althought this passion and enthusiasm is working as a driving force to get their writing finished, the reality is that the story may not fit with those locations. Passion has gotten in the way.

The same goes for someone simply looking at his or her writing for editing. You love your story. You love the way it is written. Everything is exactly the way you want it. The problem? It may be flawed and now you, as the writer has to make the decision to change or not. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, you believe in your side so much that you will find a way to talk the other person who made the comments out of their opinion, or you will simply find a way to justify your comments and discount the other person.

Yes, this buesiness is subjective. But you have to remain objective to truly create a great story.


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  1. Great post. I can say I know much about passion and getting lost in the writing. When I first started, I was so tickled pink by the fact that I could put a story together that I didn't want to discard anything. Now, I just respect my characters too much to make them sound stupid. Edit is key to good writing. Let's keep an open mind. It clears the path to more learning experience.