Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When To Pitch To An Agent

It is again that time of year when we start looking at those big conferences and that long awaited time to pitch to agent. Your story is done and you are ready to make millions of dollars in publising (NOT). So, do you pitch or not?

First of all, you need to mentally decide if you are ready to move to a professional caliber of writing. Sure the money making side of things might be fun, but there is a lot more to it. Do you have the time? Do you have the resources? **Do you understand the business enough? Is your family ready to back you? Do you have a tough enough hide to deal with the pressure?

Secondly, are the agents attending the conference even people that you would want to work with. Sure, they may proclaim 6 figure deals daily, but does this person have the personality and work approach that you want? Do they see things the way you do? and yes, if you don't know this answer, see the ** in the above paragraph.

Don't just go out and pitch because you have the opportunity. Personally, I respect those authors that say this isn't the time for them. I would much rather see this than have someone waste the time of the agent and other writers who may want to pitch. This is not a time to practice. This is a time to make a real move.

In many ways, think of a job interview. You only interview for a job if you want to work there. The same goes for writing.



  1. I like how you compared pitching to a job interview. We wouldn't interview for a position as a plumber if our experience with plumbing only included tightening a loose pipe.

    Personally, I think writers should be cautious about querying or pitching before their projects have been read by a critique partner, beta readers, or a freelance editor.

  2. Very apt. The pitch is much like a job interview or even a artist critique. If you don't know where you fit or who will back you, it may not be the right time.

    A work should be refined and above all else the writer should understand what the undertaking entails. Every pitch gives a reputation within the community.