Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrate When Others Succeed

This is just a quick reminder to start our week off with. There will be far too many times during your writing career when your career seems to have plateaued and others suddenly find their careers taking amazing turns for the positive. During times like these, you have to simply celebrate their success and cheer them on. I promise, they will be there for you later on when things turn for you.

There is also another side of this to consider. Maybe the changes that happened to this person are changes that you are not ready for. I was talking to an author recently where she was frustrated that a good friend of hers picked up a new contract with some great options. She was frustrated because she wanted the same thing. We we discussed the situation, however, it became very apparent that she wasn't really in a position to take on these same options. The other author was now writing for another publishing house on top of the one she was currently at. This other author, unlike the one I was talking to, had the time in her schedule to accomodate that addition. As much as the one author wanted to expand her career, she simply didn't have enough time in the day.

So, what did I say? I told her the time would come when she too would be able to have that time. It was just that right now, at this particular point in her career, it wasn't going to happen. What she needed to do was to simply focus on her writing, cheer on the other person and when the time came and the schedule started to open up, that opportunity for her would be there too.

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