Monday, February 18, 2013

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This will be a short post today because of the holiday (I even had a chance to sleep in for once....ahhhh). 

A great tool to get yourself out of a rut with your writing is to jump outside of your comfort zone. In other words, take a stab at writing in a  genre you aren't familiar with. If you write science fiction, try romance. If you write historical, then try a contemporary.

Now, let me stress I am not asking you to try and write the entire novel. Just take a stab at writing a scene or two. 

This break may result in a couple of things. First of all, the break is simply a relaxing breath of fresh air from your own writing. That break may result in you finding the answer you were looking for. Secondly, you may find a technique used in the other genre may blend nicely into your own work.


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