Friday, May 31, 2013

Not Going To RWA Nationals? Greyhaus Is Offering Seminars/Pitches Via Skype

It is about this time every year when the blogs and chat rooms start up with the excitement of RWA Nationals. This is a great conference and certainly one that I would hope all authors can get to. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible. Families, timing and certainly finances can get in the way.


Greyhaus will help out for those who might not be able to make it.

If you have several people in your writing chapter that want to still have a chance to ask questions; to hear a session on publishing, the market, or who knows what; and to pitch to an agent, we can do this through SKYPE!

I have now done a couple pitch sessions via Skype and these have been fantastic! I have also taught webinars so I am very familiar with this approach. Now the opportunity is here for you.

If you are interested, here is all we need to do:
  1. Have your chapter president (or other board member contact me at the agency)
  2. Let's find a mutual time to get together "digitally"
  3. You find a place where you can hook up a computer to a webcam and TV so all can see. A lot of the new digital HD TV's already come with a SKYPE hook-up.
  4. Your contact person and I set up a SKYPE connection in advance.
  5. And then we chat...
It doesn't take much other than someone with a desire to make a couple of calls and get an email sent.

Don't miss out on meeting with people in the industry!

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