Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Works For Some May Not Work For Others

As an agent, I spend time with my authors making recommendations on how to work through their stories and plot out ideas. My goal is to get a project to a place that the story will be marketable to potential editors.  But, it is amazing how many times we come up with ideas, think we have a great project, and then, when the editors get their hands on it, they want to take it a different direction.

This is going to happen more often than you think.

These changes are not a result of the agent not knowing what was going on with the project, but really an issue of everyone seeing the project in a different light and a different context. We have to remember the editor is working within their entire editorial team. As they plot out future projects for their lines, they see things a certain way. As an agent, however, we are looking at a broader picture of the business. We are finding a story that has some flexibility to fit with a couple of potential publishers. Again, what works for one publisher might not work with another.

When these things happen with my authors, we always laugh together. The dialogue always goes something like this...

"So the editor likes this concept but they would like to see more of the romance developed throughout the story," Scott says.

"Ha, ha, ha! That is too funny. Remember when we were planning this and you told me to keep it out?", snorts the author.

"Yes I know." sighs Scott.

Just understand that everyone is here for you with this project. The editors, your agent, and your critique partner all want to see the best for you and sometimes, we all have a different vision. Just go with the flow.

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