Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Enjoy The Small Victories

It is pouring down rain here in the Seattle area. In simple terms, it sucks! Driving anywhere feels like the day Noah left on his 40 day cruise. My dogs are even pretty upset. They look at me and say, "Are you really serious? You want me to go outside now? I think I'll hold it!" Even my son, who is a swimmer, is complaining about the water. Of course, he parked his PT Cruiser in a puddle and is afraid it may wash away! Now that would be fun to see! And that is the point I want to make today.

As writers, we will all face days where things are simply not going to go well. Words will not show up. Calls will come in non-stop preventing any flow of creative ideas. The computer will crash. The Internet will be down when you needed that crucial piece of research. Days will suck!

But as writers, it is imperative that you find a way to overcome these small obstacles. You have to take the time to find those small successes and then celebrate.

So what if you didn't make it through the whole chapter. Did you get that one scene written that you have struggled with for the last several days. Then success!

So what if one writer (who was clearly an idiot) gave you a 1 star ranking on Amazon. Did you get other's that say you were amazing? Then success! Besides, according to President Donald Trump on Jan. 17, 2017, "The polls are all lying!" So why worry.

My son had a huge swim meet this last weekend. Did he win? No. But you know what? He matched his best times without a "tapering time" before the meet. For you non-swimmers, this is that block of
time when athletes slow down on training to "peak" at the right time. For him, this meet was a success.

The key is that you have to plunge on with your progress and your writing. Be like my great friend Elizabetta Bricca in Perugia. "I am going to my studio to write and there, I said it all." This is the attitude you need. And by the way, if you have a chance to read any of her work, so so! Fantastic writer!!!

What will this get for you? Something that Greyhaus author Leanne Bristow got yesterday in the mail.
Her first novel showed up in the mail. Big Success!

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