Thursday, January 31, 2019

Pay Attention To Trends

OK, let me just first say that most editors and agents will say the same thing. Don't try to chase trends. Don't even bothering to ask an editor or an agent what they see as the next trend. There is no way we can predict these darn things.

But with that said...

Make sure to pay attention to trends.


I was scanning novels on Amazon recently and saw a ton of books that look like there is no traction on their sales. After looking further, I also saw two other things that are important to note. The first is that these are books on topics that are either out of date, or things that there is really no interest in around the world right now. The second, is that these books were all self-published. And this got me thinking to things I hear so many authors say.

There are a lot of authors out there that dive into the self-publishing market because the traditional editors and agents are not open to their book ideas. The reality of the situation is that the editors and agents DID pay attention to trends and we are passing on those books because this is just not something that is selling now.

Here is the thing. We don't try to predict the future, but we do look, when we are acquiring projects if this story would fit with what is currently working in the market now. And, it is just this that writers also need to be doing as they are thinking about where to sell their books and whether or not they should start that next novel.

Yes, there is a belief, and I think we have all said it, that yous should write the novel of your heart. If writing that Alien Vampire Bunny story or that Erotic Inspirational is something you need to do, then do it. We have also said that the market may not be interested in it now, but "maybe" in the future it will be. So that is a gamble you will have to take.

But my question is, if it takes you 6 months to write a great novel, but this is one that the trends say no one is acquiring right now, or there is no traction for this topic from readers, could this time be better spent somewhere else? I would argue YES. Don't waste your time on it.

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