Sunday, March 28, 2021

It has been a while - Stay In The Public Eye

 I know, I have been away for a bit. We had a lot of things going on around the house and with the kids. Add in getting my second Covid vaccination and my wife getting hers later this week and it gets pretty busy. I am also starting up in the coming week the next of my courses with UCLA Extension on Marketing. As I was prepping the first week's lesson, it brought me back to the blog and something every author needs to be aware of.

Are you staying in the public's eye. 

Always being "seen" is one of the biggest keys to success in publishing. With the millions of "authors" out there, your name has to always be seen to be remembered. 

As you look around at your fellow authors, why is it that some have more success than others? My bet is you already see this daily. They are the authors with constant posts on social media. They are the ones who always have a new newsletter coming out. They are the ones showing up with other authors in chats and articles. And, they are the ones who do not just put out one book every 1-2 years. 

If you think about advertising that we see on TV or on the radio, which ones do you remember? It's the ads that you hear over and over again. It is all about repetition. 

This is part of the reason I came back and blogged today. It has been a while since the blog went up. The last talked about closing submissions for a while. It will take a bit to get those readers back again. But it will take that constant exposure.

So think about what you are doing to market your book. How expansive is your exposure. How consistent is that exposure. Try this for a week. Post something across all of your platforms DAILY and see what happens. You might be shocked!

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  1. Great advice and I only check twitter every day to see if you have posted. Love the FREE words of wisdom. I always glean something from your posts. Great challenge!