Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Opening For Submissions - June 1

Greyhaus Literary Agency will be once again open to submissions starting on June 1, 2021. 

Again, as a reminder, I ONLY represent traditional romance and women's fiction. The guidelines on my website are very specific. I promise you a rejection if you send me something that does not fall into those categories. 

If you are unclear as to what we mean about romance and women's fiction, I recommend taking a look at the things I have written here on the blog.

Here are a couple of tips that will help:

  • If you are writing for a series line such as Harlequin or Entangled, tell me, in the query letter, EXACTLY how your story fits the exact line you are targeting. Make sure to visit those sites.
  • If you are writing women's fiction, demonstrate to me, in the query letter, how this exemplifies the idea of women's fiction and seeing the world through a female lens.
  • If you have previously published, make sure to state with what publisher and if you have sales numbers, give me those numbers. I don't care about your ratings on Amazon.
  • Make sure to always show me that you understand the publishing world and have a sense on your career directions.
  • If you are working on additional books, make sure to state those ideas in small blurbs.
  • DO NOT just attach your summary or manuscript in the submission. I will reject you because you think you do not have to follow the directions.
  • Make sure your story is complete and ready to go when you submit. I am not interested in a project that, after I request to see more, you do not send it for weeks after.

Looking forward to seeing some great projects!

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