Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Education and Learning At Greyhaus

 When I opened the agency back in 2003, I had three goals in mind.

  1. To represent romance and women's fiction
  2. To increase communication between publishing professionals and writers
  3. To educate writers
Today, I want to focus on what I can do for you on that third item, education.

As I read submissions lately, or see comments on social media sites from authors, it becomes clear to be that many writers simply need to spend more time learning not only the business of writing, but also the craft of writing. I can see the enthusiasm of the authors. I have heard it at pre-Covid conferences. Writers are just begging to get as much information as possible to improve their writing and hopefully advance their careers. Unfortunately, I think too many authors out there are grasping at straws, or worse yet, getting information from people who really do not know much more than they do. It is really a case of the blind leading the blind. 

Now that we have been away from conferences for so long, I do believe the problem is only getting worse. For that reason, I am really making a strong push for educational outreach here at Greyhaus. So, here is what we are doing right now:

THE BLOG Obviously, if you are here, you know what I am trying to do. This is outreach! I know I am preaching to the choir here since you are reading this and probably some of those that read this regularly. However, if you really want to help out your friends, let them know about the blog. I do also want to remind you that if you have questions, all you have to do is ask. I answer questions here on the blog all of the time. Just swing over to the agency website and send me an email. In the subject line, write, QUESTION FOR THE BLOG. 

TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM I do some out reach here. I am not someone who spends countless hours on Twitter, but I do, every now and then, send out a quick message on a Pubtip. On Facebook and Instagram, I do a bit more. Again, great places to ask questions. Please remember though, I do not accept submissions on social media.

YOUTUBE I am excited about this one. I am making a push to put up educational videos that you can watch and learn from. I also have a promotion going. When we hit the 1000th subscriber, one of those writers will get at least a 6 month mentorship. This is not representation, but help with your writing, query letters, etc. Check it out!

CHAPTER OUTREACH AND CONFERENCES I know many chapters are still doing things remotely, but I am 100% available to come to your conferences, either virtually, or face to face. I do stress that I do not invite myself, you have to ask. This outreach can be anything from Q & A sessions on social media, newsletter articles, online workshops, live workshops, and yes, as I said, I will come to your chapter and speak. I also judge contests. I will also stress that when I come to conferences, I want to hear pitches as well. I do not charge for this outreach. I only ask for compensation for air and hotel. I got the rest covered. 

NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS I am always available to help out with national organizations, especially the RWA and RNA. I have (and will continue to) reach out to the boards and provide by services. If you are on the board of either, again, the offer is there. You just need to ask. 

The point is, Greyhaus Literary Agency does not just represent authors. I am here for a lot more. 

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