Thursday, July 1, 2021

#MSWL Diverse Stories and Diverse Voices

 Attention all writers...

I am looking for stories with diverse ethnic characters. But here is the key. I am also looking for the authors writing from their own personal experiences. Very much focused on stories where the ethnicity and culture are almost characters as well in the story. I want you to think about this in the same way I talk about women's fiction in that the story is a lens into this world. We want to see the world through this ethnic voice and see how the ethnic voice shapes decisions the characters make. 

Before I go any further, remember, I am ONLY LOOKING FOR ROMANCE AND WOMEN'S FICTION! Romances must have the romance as the central story arc and please, if you do not read romance then the odds are, you don't know what I am looking for.. When it comes to women's fiction, I want stories that every reader can connect to. This means pick one central conflict and focus on that. Don't fill it up with a ton of conflicts.

More specifically, here is what I am looking for:

  • HISTORICAL (HARLEQUIN/MILLS AND BOON): Stories must be 70-75K in word count and have a traditional Harlequin Historical Voice. Would love to see Regency-Victorian periods. Interested in stories set in the following locations/groups:
    • British Caribbean
    • The Moors
    • British India
    • Maybe South Africa
    • Not interested in US Civil War
  • HISTORICAL SINGLE TITLES: You can be a bit more open here. Stories need to be 75-100K in word count. Feel free to pick other time periods but not past WW2. Not interested in US Civil War.
  • CONTEMPORARY SINGLE TITLE:  There is a lot you can do here. Stories can be mixed marriages or same ethnicity marriages. Remember, the ethnicity must play a central role in the story and the romance must be the central storyline. 
  • WOMEN'S FICTION: Would love to see stories where we have a clash of ethnicities. Stories should answer the question of "How does a woman navigate this ethnic clash of ideas and standards?" Stories should be 75-100K in word count. No adultery. Romance can be in the story, but it needs to be a central part of the story and there for a reason. Make sure that you read true women's fiction to understand the voice. 
When submitting, make sure to state in the query letter why you are the right person for the story. Remember, we are looking for authors of diverse ethnicity writing these stories!

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