Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Funny From Submissions Today

There are many times when I simply have to sit back and laugh at some of the submissions I get. Of course, the humor is not necessarily coming from the quality of the book or the premise, but the submission iteself.

As I was answering emails today, I received a ton for projects I don't represent. Normal, but when it comes from someone who is a PhD at a university who claims great research, or even worse, real medical doctors who don't know how to figure out if what they write I represent, it makes me laugh.

Of course, there are also the submissions where a person openly admits they are working through a directory A-Z copying the same query to everyone with "Dear Agent" or in my case, "Dear Mr. Greyhaus" but then writes back to state there was a typo in my reply to their project (and yet they take the time to send out quality submissions"...

you have to laugh.

I get that submission writing is not fun. It IS tedious. But if you are getting tired to rejections, go back and think about your approach!

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