Thursday, June 30, 2022

They Like My Writing, So Why The Rejection Letter?

I am sure you have received rejection letters before that talk about how amazing your writing is, but the editor or agent is still going to pass on the project. This is something that happens more often than you think, so don't feel like it is just you. But it still leaves you wondering, why did they pass on your story.

The reality is, there are probably a ton of issues out there, and nothing has to do with your writing. Let's talk about a few of those reasons.

  1. The market is showing a trend that your genre/setting/etc. is not selling right now. Yes, I know we say not to follow trends, but the reality is, if the readers are not buying it now, then it is not a good investment. 
  2. But if now is not a good time, what about the future? This is again a good thought, but again, you can't predict the future. I would also add that you have to remember that publishers already are looking at line-ups 1-3 years in advance. They may already have a book, much like yours, on the calendar from another author. 
  3. You like my book, but put out stories that are not amazing? Why? Good question, and I am sure we have all asked that same question. For this one, we have to go back to the buyers. Many writers will gravitate to their "go to" authors every time a new book comes out. Publishers know this. Now please understand, they are not saying that they want the established authors to put out garbage. They just know people will buy those books. You are an unknown. 
  4. It could be the execution of the story. Too often, I find writing that is good, but the execution of the story is not there. Good concept. Good writing. But nothing to write home about. We still want you to find a new spin on something that we know sells.
These are just a few reasons, but I want you to know, we are looking at your writing. If you have an editor or agent that says they love your writing. but the project is not a good fit, stick with it. It might simply be an issue of being in the right place and the right time. 

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