Monday, February 19, 2024

Who Is Your Street Team

Simple question - Who is your street team?

If you are a published author, you need to make sure you have a team behind you. Yes, you should always have your family, your editorial team and your agent, but there is another team you need to count on. That is your street team.

These are the people who have your back when you have a new book coming out. These are the people who are always on social media, and hopefully, on platforms that might be different than your platforms. Here's how it works.

You have a book cover that just showed up. You are 6 months out from that book being released, but you still want to show off. Hey, you should be proud of it! So, you post it.

Now the street team kicks in. They immediately dive online, see your picture, comment on your picture and start sharing it all over the place! These people are overly excited. Comments such as: "Can't wait for Steven's story after seeing him in your last book!" and even more importantly, "What is the exact date? You will share when we can pre-order, right?"

But they don't stop there. These are the people who are on all of your ARC sites. They are reading those books early and cranking up reviews. If they post on one site, the post on ALL of the sites! And yes, they are putting out all of those great quotes you can use in your personal promos.

When those reviews show up, then you step in. Now you take the quote, with the cover, and the release information and start sharing it on your social media sites.


The key is getting your name out there. If you only share to your closed network of friends and they do nothing, you won't get those sales numbers flowing in!

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